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Magnificent WAX IS THE NEW REVOLUTIONARY NEW EXTERIOR CAR CARE FORMULA DESIGNED TO EXTEND THE LIFE OF ANY PAINT JOB OF ANY CAR, PLANE, BIKE OR CRAFT OF ANY TYPE. PROVEN RESULTS! 1 bottle of Magnificent Wax can clean your car an average of 12-15 times. Magnificent wax is simple to use. Magnificent Wax corrects paint blemishes, haze light oxidation, and light swirl marks by restoring the paint clarity with the right nutrients, Magnificent Wax protects the clear coat and the shine lasts for weeks. This obviously depends on how heavily you apply and it's based on "Normal Application." "Normal Application" is considered two to three light sprays per area or section of your car. Washing your car without water 7 times, using only one 16oz. bottle of Magnificent Wax can save approximately 580 gallons of water!

Magnificent Wax

SKU: 90221

  • 30 day money back guarantee

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